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A Solid Foundation

There's Hope During Tough Times


A Sure Foundation I’m not a home builder but I do know enough about building to know you need a good solid foundation or your home will eventually collapse. The same is true with life. The storms of life can throw all kinds of things at you. We need to be able to weather all of the storms that come our way; and there are many. We need to be able to sustain the weight of many things piling up on us so that we ourselves don’t collapse. Jesus gave us a parable in Matthew 7 about this. Most people will agree that it is very foolish to build a house on the sand. Most people would not do this. Yet, this is what people do with their lives. They take advice or listen to people giving them bad information or giving them a false hope. When things get tough (and things will get tough), when the flood waters start to rise and the wind starts to blow, just like a house built on the sand, they tumble and fall. The person who builds their house on a solid foundation is secure in knowing that when the storm waters rise, there house is secure. When a person has a solid foundation built on the Word of God, they are secure. The psalmist said that we are to hide God’s word in our heart. We do this so that when things get tough, we are ready to handle it. Building your house is not a difficult thing to do. The first thing is to accept the Cornerstone that the builders rejected. That Cornerstone is none other than Jesus Christ. Don’t accept someone saying that there is another way because there isn’t. He is the Only Way! Once you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior the next thing to do is to get plugged in to a Bible believing, Bible preaching church. There are a lot of churches to choose from. Take your time to find the one that fits closes to your personality. Remember, churches are made up of people. There are no perfect people. When I say plugged in, become an active member of the church. Attend Sunday School, Bible Study, get your kid’s involved in youth activities. Whatever the church offers take advantage of it. Read your Bible daily. Spend thirty (30) minutes a day reading. As you read and learn, when something comes up that you don’t understand or want to know more about, ask questions, get on the internet and research; remembering that not everything you read on the internet is true. Pray to God constantly. He loves to hear from you. When you’re talking to him, take time to listen. You don’t have to do all the talking. A Solid Foundation! Critical, necessary. Build your house on the Solid Foundation of Jesus Christ. Don’t wait to start building tomorrow or the next day because this is for sure, the storm is on its way. I would love to hear your thoughts about building a Solid Foundation. Drop me a note below! In Service to the King! Michael Saturday

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